Song Name: Diesel Moon, Marlboro Sun

Songwriter: Jacob Zachary

Copyright: 2008

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In a dream I meet my dead friend,
And I asked him, "How have you been?"
He grinned and said, "I have been eating peaches
Off some mighty fine trees."

Diesel Moon, where have you gone?
Gone to soon, now for too long.

I was at the truck stop
Filling up ashtrays
I was looking for you
But you never came
There was so much I
Wanted to tell you
Found someone who loves me
I think I love her to

Diesel Moon...Diesel Moon

Marlboro Sun, Arizona made me cry
She's too young to be running out of time

I could not meet you
In Massachusetts
I'm hard on my luck
Down here in Memphis
Boy, how's your mother?
Does she keep my secrets?
Heard she found another...
Send her my best wishes.

Diesel Moon...Diesel Moon

Freckled hands of a young boy, now a man
Gathered stones that he now watches turn to sand

I wounded my wrist
Just to reminde me
Love is a slow death
And I'm not ready
Heard you call my name out
Over the static
I gave no answer
I think I've had it with you

Diesel Moon...Diesel Moon

Diesel Moon,where have you gone?