Song Name: Lost and Found

Songwriter: Brent Ratkovich

Copyright: 2008

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Lost and Found

Lost and found
An image of you with no sound
You walked away
Not knowing what role to play
It's the shadow on the memory I can't
As time went by
A boy left with asking why
You had to know
Just how I'd need you so
To show me how to loose that guilt I'd
grown to know
Was it me you walked away from?
I had no father but you still had a son
Choices made
To reach out and find a way
A friendship grew
Though both of us scared we knew
With patience and with time we'd pull
each other through
A chance to hear and see the other's
point of view
It's been a lifetime since you walked
out that door
It's your own battles that you need
forgiveness for

Brent Ratkovich
Copyright 2008