Song Name: Devil in my Bed

Songwriter: Michael Anzilotti

Copyright: 2008

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Devil in My Bed - Words and Music by Michael Anzilotti
Copyright 2008

When the night is falling down
I know that she waits for me
Lately I've been coming round
Just to fall down at her feet

So I close my eyes
And I start to pray, to pray
Then I feel her touch
And I start to shake

There's a Devil in my bed
I swear I saw her
There's a Devil in my bed
And now the room's on fire
On fire
On fire
On fire

I remember the night I first heard her call
Like a whisper in the wind
Reaching out to this lonely boy
Don't be scared baby let me in

I couldn't let her go now
Baby if I tried, I tried
Cause when I’m her
I feel so alive...

Repeat Chorus

My fallen angel she is just a girl
That heaven sent me from above
Now I never ever felt like this before
Something tells me now this must be love, love...