Song Name: Goodness & Mercy

Songwriter: E.D. Mondainé, Robin Gordon, & Andy Bell

Copyright: 2008

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Goodness & Mercy shall always follow me

(verse 1)
When I was just a little boy
They took away all my toys
Made me grow up to be a man
As fast as I can, and I ran
Runnin' 'round the dangerous streets
My mama thought I was in my bed sleep
Still nights cause a restless sleep
But I knew wherever I'd go that...


(verse 2)
In projects raised her kids alone
Made this woman's heart turn to stone
Thinking she'll never make it out
Inside she shouts, "I'm so lost"
Hard times come when no one gets fed
Babies need some sweet bread
Can't comprehend her life as it stands
Lord, show her the way to...