Song Name: what this is

Songwriter: kimberly townsend

Copyright: 2008

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in search of the reason why days unfold as they do
i've run askew
i am very close to accepting my very very present past
and you're aghast
but i say no, no, i dedicate my chaos
to the ones who told me living's only
about trying to flourish in this livid space

i know this isn't anything you haven't seen before but
tell me more
i know you get your courage based upon who you were
but let me stay
cause i will hear you fully
we can compare notes on our thoughts
on the poetry that comes
from watching a war

a girl comprised of complexity
gets down real close and talks to me
i hardly know her anymore but i'm trying
we live so loud
a man whose mouth i remember
gets down real close and whispers
you can have it if you try
i say i don't have time for this tonight
he replies
we live so loud

i get that hurting hard and giving in can't be related
i digress
i get that masochism isn't about what comes later
so i won't press
i humbly acknowledge we are not trying our best
but that doesn't mean that this should matter
any less