Song Name: It

Songwriter: John Freund

Copyright: 2002

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Look at 'em so happy
Can you seem them tremble in their bliss?
My God, I think they're glowing!
Can you see them quiver as they kiss?
I guess I shouldn't be so quick to criticize the happiness we find in a lover's eyes
But every time I turn around I hear the sounds of getting down to It.

Help me set the record straight
When should I be playing hard to get?
My playing prowess must be great
So far it seems I ain't been gotten yet.
I guess I haven't been too swift to realize the danger if I seem too quick to compromise
Or when to show I might say no or when to say now let's get down to It.

Can I have you over?
Would you like to stay a couple days?
Or am I far too forward - Am I only driving you away?

Please don't ask me now to dance...
These niceties have gone a bit too far
I'm still in the same old stance
Coincidentally, you're still where you are
My watch is looming larger than it cares to be
My nerve: much more deflated than it dares to be
It's time to drop the window shopping
Cut the ****
Now, let's get down to It
Come on let's put our fears behind us
Read the signs
Let's just get down to It.