Song Name: Something In Betwen

Songwriter: Jason MacDonald

Copyright: 2008

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Something In Between

I’m in a place, I don’t want to be
The plane won’t fly, so this city’s stuck with me
Stuck inside a room, stuck inside TV
Time to venture out and see what I can see

Chorus: I can’t define the way I feel
I’m not good or bad
Mad or sad
I’m something in between

I hit the streets, it spins my head around
I could use a drink to calm myself down
Walk into the first bar that I see
At the bottom of my drink she sits down by me


She touches my hand, as she says it’s been a while
My heart goes back to high school with her giggle and her smile
Hours flying by as we reminisce
About the first date, the movie and the kiss


Taxi down the runway as I watch her wave
It takes me back to our younger days
I open the letter that she just gave to me
She wrote,” It sure was nice to see you, still I hate to see you leave”


I’m Something in between
Music & Words by Jason MacDonald
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