Song Name: Held on to Faith

Songwriter: Chris Morgan

Copyright: 2008-12-16

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I wish that I could be someone who still held on to faith
And I wish it could be in something that did not come so late
I wish that there was something to make me not so afraid
And I wish that I knew someone who knew something about the way

'Cause if I get lost again, I just might not try to be found
I will just lower my head and dig myself into the ground
'Cause if the sirens call be the only distant sound
I will tie the knots the myself, a couple bowlines and I'm bound

If I could be alone I would not care what others think
And if I drank alone maybe then I'd like to drink
But since I am a stone and have a tendency to sink
Then I guess will atone and let you all in on the link

I don't know, where I'm going
I don't know, where I've been
I don't know, if you're still with me,
Do I have to turn and look for you again