Song Name: Clair de Lune

Songwriter: Claude deBussy & Kathryn Taubert

Copyright: 2008

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Clair de Lune, melody, Claude deBussy
Lyrics by Kathryn Taubert

A haunting melody; A quiet dream of sweet memory, Reminding me of all that your love meant to me.
You linger as the light of the moon, tenderly.

I wonder, where you are? Blue Rhapsody tells me we're apart; But somehow Dear, you're never too far Away from my lonely heart.

You loved me, long ago.
And still my heart cries, "Why did you go?"
Time spins her web and yet I still know
You're here in my broken heart.

Love's melody, thru this reverie, is as haunting as the Moon.
You are my Dream, and I know someday, I will find you again.

My Darling, why did you go? And leave me here, this longing to know, A memory that never will go, Too far from my aching,
Here in my breaking Heart.
You and my aching heart.