Song Name: She's Not Me

Songwriter: Tara Newton-Wordsworth

Copyright: 2007

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Getting angry doesn't seem to hurt you
Feeling sadness won't make you feel ashamed
Nothing that I do seems to affect you 
In any way

You seemed all I could dream of
Confidence, charm, style and grace
But looks can be deceiving and I won't be grieving
The loss of your perfect face

I'm letting go of everything we used to be
I'm finding new hope, changing every part of me
That's trying to be, your perfect girl
She's not me

I was entertainment at first
Then you decided I was unrehearsed
You felt I needed changing, my life rearranging
In all your values I should be well versed


I can see her now, she sits there silently
Perfect hair, perfect face. Is she all you need?
Who is she really? Behind this act that you believe
Was I too honest? Did I laugh too much? Was I too free?