Song Name: Losers Never Win

Songwriter: Desmond & Shelly Moulton

Copyright: 2008

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As a boy I went to a game with my dad
We cheered as the winners got their trophies
I told him I want to be a winner real bad
I’m tired of being a loser and he told me this

Losing is in the mind and losers never win
It calls for lots of work and never giving in
Don’t lose the race before you begin
Cuz losing is in the mind and losers never win

As the years went by I trained really hard
I made the team and got my trophy too
I held it up and said this is my true reward
To become a real winner, Dad said I told you


Everything you do will work out
Free your mind from the cage of self doubt, Cuz


© August 2008 Desmond & Shelly Moulton (ASCAP)