Song Name: Recovery

Songwriter: Chazz deMeyer

Copyright: 2008

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You keep in touch with your hearts quiet disregard,
Still you wonder why it ever got this hard
Your life has changed, You struggle with reality, RECOVERY

You held my hand and kept me close the best you can,
I had my doubts I would ever be the man
That I once was, A moment of uncertainty, RECOVERY

You know I try hard, And I do the best I can,
When those who love you, They think that your twice the man
But even hero's face impossibility, RECOVERY

There is only one thing, That I've known for sure
With great loss, Comes that courage to endure
What ever life gives out, I know they'll always be ,

Now and then it gets hard to see, such I thing called Recovery
Even though there's uncertainty, Hold on tight to recovery

You Can Never Give Up, You Can Never Give In
You Can Always Fight Hard, (you can take it on the chin)
When The Lights Go Out, And The Sun Goes Down
When You're Down For The Count (you can make the last round)
Like You Really Got A Choice, Only One Second Chance
You Can Sit Out On The Side, (you can dance the last dance)

I feel the love, You have given me today
This kind of debt I fear, I never could repay
Perhaps, Sometimes, It's possible to see, RECOVERY

There are times, I feel blue, I'm lonely, Insecure
I look deep within, Inside there lies the cure
Each day, On its own, I know they'll always be,