Song Name: Love Song to the Earth

Songwriter: Will Fournier

Copyright: 2008

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I know I don't always show it,
I try
I only want to be a better man

I want to give you all I can
I want to give you my everything

But I wish we had more time
I wish I knew the way
I wish I had second chance
I wish you could have stayed

I wish I had the words
I wish you wouldn't go
I wish I could have told you
And you may not ever know

But as the water turns to fire
And the oxygen escapes
While those prophets cry for mercy but their heavens aren't awake
With my very last breath
I want you to know

That I love you
I love you, I love you, I love you...

So if you gota go
Make it fast
I don't think I could bear to watch you leave
My heart won't last

Your arms were my protection
Your voice was my direction
Your love was my redemption

So hail to the mother