Song Name: I Always Thought That I'd Be Young Forever

Songwriter: Ann Mayo Muir

Copyright: 2007

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I always thought that I'd stay young forever
When forever came to my door.
"What ever made you come calling today
When I've years of tomorrows in store."?

He smiled and asked if I valued my Dreams
That were sent and were meant as a sign.
I always believed that our dreams would come true,
So I pay close attention to mine."

To nurture yourself on the true foods of life
lay them carefully out on the ground
eat well from the portions of wisdom you seek
drink deep the lessons you've found

Then he told me to sing and be happy
Said he'd be back in a while
Forever is never in a hurry
He mentioned to me with a smile

Now for my prayers and I'll close my eyes
And whisper " sleep let me fall"
back to the dreams that wait for me
Till Forever comes to call.

©2007 Ann Mayo Muir BMI