Song Name: Within My Heart

Songwriter: John O'Connell

Copyright: 2005

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Within My Heart

You don't have to give me, words to rely on,
All that I need is, a shoulder to cry on,
That's all I want from you tonight,
No words, no lies, no talk of spite.

You don't have to feed me, dreams to hold on to,
All that I need is, a place to grow into,
Myself where I am free to love,
Be all the things I never could.

You don't have to tell me, that God will provide me,
With all that I need to, forgive those around me,
But pain is all I feel tonight,
And words won't change the dread of life.

You don't have to show me, that miracles abound me,
You just have to touch me, with grace that's above me,
Then pain will melt within my heart,
The sun will shine the clouds will part.