Song Name: A Million Miles Away

Songwriter: Brad Cole

Copyright: 2008

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A Million Miles Away

Walk through these streets they're, full of people who
Save their smiles for the, ones who love them.
I've kissed your smile but, could not hold on
Turned away from you, 'n I'm invisible again

I'm on the other side of the world, drowning all of my yesterdays
When I thought I had it all, I was a million miles away

There’s a cafe where strangers weep as they
Sing of hope in a loveless world, but then
Find a way to smile, laugh the night away
Lost in Paris I, think I've found you again

I'm just outside of town; I don’t know what Ill say
When I thought I had it all, I was a million miles away

I've fallen in between, the drama of your mystery,
And the truth behind this broken down reality.
But if I don't go, I might never know

In the shadow of, my distraction
I'm called by memories of, love and tenderness
Drop my pretense my, stupid nonchalance
Drag my shredded soul, inside from the cold.

Now I'm bangin on your door, this time I gotta stay
Are you there or have you gone...
A million miles away