Song Name: Faster than Lightning

Songwriter: Cole Campbell

Copyright: 2009-04-07

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verse 1
Do you remember how it used to be
I'm going back in the day, when we were maybe 13
Friday nights, the 7 - 11
I was cruising the streets, I was still on my two feet

Verse 2
Do you remember, all the shit we used to pull
all the things we have stolen and all the trouble we have caused
sneaking out, we didn't have far to go
before they would find us, we thought we were clever, not so much

Pre chorus

Verse 3
Do you remember how it used to feel
we walked in the middle of the street, side by side
all those summer nights, out front of the 7 11
we were fucking Hooligans, we ruled those streets, or so we thought

pre chorus

Pre chorus:
Where oh where have we gone?
It feels like I have just closed my eyes
This life, it does move on
and i have found, that it moves...

Faster than lightning (x6)