Song Name: Next Year

Songwriter: Elly Wininger

Copyright: 2007

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Next Year
Words & Music by Elly Wininger / BMI

This Time, Next Year,
I won't be here
I'll be out on my own,
Loving Alone, Next Year

This Time, Next Year,
Watch me disappear
I've put in my time,
It's the end of the line, Next Year

Kiss me and say goodbye
You did your best, so did I.
Sometimes the wheel spins around
Puts your feet on the ground.

This Time, Next Year
I'll have no fear
There'll be no holding back,
I'm on my own track, Next year.

This Time, Next Year,
Finally outta here
So many chances gone by,
Now it's my turn to fly, Next year.

I don't know where I'll go
Some other town, another show
Follow my dreams and see where they lead me.

This Time, Next Year
This Time, Next Year
This Time, Next Year