Song Name: grass in the mud

Songwriter: iryna chorna

Copyright: 2009

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Grass in the mud.
Fill me with wind, fill me with sun.
See in the sky birds having fun.
White like the snow, isn't sad
To see only burned grass in the mud...
Don't count on me. If only day could be so short,
If only night could be so long
Oh, yes I know , Oh yes I see some plays were we
Never can be...
It's O.K.
I keep my body covered in my skin, I've tried to tell you what I realy mean. I can't believe, I can't deny,
I want to live, I want to fly
I want to take , take care of you,
Take you away, I never knew.
Does love exist? This is not real.
I just pretend, I never feel
Isn't sad? Isn't bad,
What you just said, you never felt.
It's O.K.

Music and lyrics by Iryna Chorna