Song Name: For Zion's Sake

Songwriter: Juliet I. Spitzer

Copyright: 2003

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FOR ZION'S SAKE (paraphrase of Isaiah 62:1) 2003 Juliet I. Spitzer
CHORUS: For Zion's sake, I will not hold my tongue,
For the children's sake I will not stand in silence,
For America's sake I will not hold back my wailing,
Until the vindication of humanity goes forth as brightness.
Exploding nails erase confidences
Electrified fences and concrete defenses
This cycle of violence has its consequences
And the future's looking grim.
Dissatisfaction leads to distraction
Destruction no longer just an abstraction
We answer attacks with more violent reactions
And the future's looking grim.
All of our stories are contaminated
All of us fighting to be compensated
For all of the hurts that have been perpetrated
And the future's looking grim.