Song Name: A Million Stories

Songwriter: Caleb Stull

Copyright: 2009

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A Million Stories
By Caleb Stull

There are a million stories,
Just walking around.
The rain making mirrors out of mirrors
Out of this town.
There are a million thought clouds
Gumming up the ceiling.
And all that talking
Ain’t helping this feeling.

Of walking ourselves in and out.
My entrance and your exit now.
Trading co-stars from the crowd.

Now why the constant need to
The modern need to be liked thing?
The upper floor is perfect murder,
If you can live with the luck that it brings.
There are a million reasons
For the push/ pull/ push of this thing.
There are a million dreamers
Breaking through the ceiling.

Walking ourselves in and out.
Your entrance tune, my exit bow.
Trading co-stars from the crowd.
Placing ourselves in and out.
The repeated words, a well traveled route.
A million lovers all around.