Song Name: Laydie, Love Me Back

Songwriter: Ty Roberts and Bill Hines

Copyright: 2008

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Laydie, when I say I love you,
Why don’t you love me back?
Laydie, when I say I need you,
Why don’t you love me back?

Your beauty, a sight to behold,
In my arms, you’ll never grow old,
Things you do, our love can’t control,
The lies make my blood, run cold,

You promise you will, then you don’t
Keep your word to me, I know you won’t,
I promised I’d always, be at your side,
You promised that, and it was a lie.


I won’t promise to, give you what you want,
‘Cause your broken promises, come back to haunt,
And every time that I want to believe,
You just keep on running to break free.


I never do what you say I (will) do,
I only do what you want me to,
But to your-self, you can’t even be true,
I hope some day, our love will shine through.

Chorus to End