Song Name: Reboot My Heart

Songwriter: The Cinnamon Fuzz

Copyright: 2009-07-16

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I have been waiting for my systems to restore
Been such a bore
You turn me on so press my buttons plug me in
Where have you been?

Come to my window
What do you see
I'm running low on memory

Reboot My Heart
Because of you, I can re-start
Reboot My Heart
And let me love again

Let's fall in love through interface
We'll share cyberspace
Type me a story, don't you worry, cause my system's clean
Anti-virus vaccine

By my last user
I was ignored
She fried out all my circuit boards

Processing love is hard
Without my heart crashing

I am still waiting for my systems to restore
I can't wait anymore

Reboot My Heart
A High-tech romantic work of art