Song Name: Right The Wrongs

Songwriter: D & T Long

Copyright: 2002

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Verse 1

I sit alone
At home at night
Trying to think
What I should write
So many tunes
So many songs
But I want the words
To right the wrongs

Verse 2

For many years
I've traveled far
Throughout the land
In my old car
Through wind and rain
The heat and cold
I'd bring my songs
To young and old

Verse 3

I've read the books
I've seen the news
I've heard the preachers
Share their views
Of what has gone
And what's to come
And how someday
We'll all live as one

Verse 4

It's nothing new
We're heard it all
So why do so many
In battle fall
When all we want
Is to sing the songs
That will right
Right the wrongs


Ooh - yeah
I'd like to write the songs
To right the wrongs.

Words & Music D & T Long Sahara Music