Song Name: I Look For You

Songwriter: Peter B. Robinson

Copyright: 2009-08-22

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-- CHORUS --
Ev'rywhere I go, I look for you
Ev'ryone I meet
Ev'rything that I do
Each boy I pass on the street
I wonder if they knew:
I can't help myself, it's true
I look for you.

Ev'ry day
I wonder if I'm gonna find my way
I look around and say:
"Hey, sweet someone
Are you gonna come my way?
I hope you come today"
And that's why


Ev'ry day
I hope and pray
That I will find a way
To open up my heart
I wish you were here
Maybe you're near
I keep hopin' today
You will hear me say
I love you
keep believing, so


Ev'rywhere I go (I look for you)
Ev'ryone I meet (I look for you)
Each boy I pass on the street (I look for you)
I look for you
I look for you.