Song Name: No Middle Ground

Songwriter: Lisa R. Noe Pamela J. Green

Copyright: 2009-08-06

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CH: All are equal, that's the hype
Depends on your status depends on your style of life
Signs are all around us, you'd better stand clear
Big brother is watching, his specialty is fear

More is better
Less is great
How do we keep up with the world today?
We see the graphic/tragic over look the good
Crave the excitement feel misunderstood (the great debate)

News Media the great debate
Ignore the government, except for whom they date
Everyone is starving for food or truth
We feed on the bad, spit out the good CH:

Love thy neighbor has new meaning
You see it everyday on the TV
So much anger, so much hate
Get stored in our youth today
Some talk to strangers names unknown
Leave your family on hold
It's revolution or rapture
Oh, what's wrong with this picture?
No middle ground (x2) CH:

Love thy neighbor has new meaning........

NO middle ground
(what's wrong with this picture?)
NO middle ground
(It's revolution or rapture)
NO middle ground