Song Name: Softly

Songwriter: Renee Smith

Copyright: 2009-10-08

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You're telling me
You want to be free.
This news is something, I know.
Don't want to hear
it's all that I fear;
I close my eyes when you go
Please whisper softly,
I won't have to know.
Close that door gently
when you go.
And as you break each promise
once made to me
My heart is breaking, softly.

Now as you go
I still love you so
but I know you've made up your mind
Go search the Earth
for all that it's worth.
Love like we had is hard to find

verse 3
I hear you say
you're going away.
If I don't listen is it so?
Don't want to see
you leaving me
I close my eyes when you go