Song Name: Girl of my dreams

Songwriter: Eric Vanier

Copyright: 2009

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Girl of my Dreams

Girl of my dreams, only loves me when I sleep
And I can't wait to see her tonight
We laugh and cry. She's the best half of my life
But in the morning she's waving goodbye

And I can't wait to find her, has anybody seen my beauty queen???

From the first night I saw her I knew it was love
But to her it was all just a game
Cause in the morning she hides and I don't know where to find her but I can't wait to see her again.

Girl of my dreams, now i'm starting to believe...
That she's only a piece of my mind
That makes me sad cause she's the best I've ever had
And a girl like her is so hard to find

I know it's just a dream... But forever she will be...
My beauty queen.