Song Name: Best Friend

Songwriter: Dyce Kimura

Copyright: 2007

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Best Friend

I'm feeling so fragile today
Have you ever felt alone
I just couldn't believe the things you said
When you told me all that's wrong on the phone

Maybe it's you
Maybe it's you

And I know
I know that you care
But just because I love you
doesn't meant you can treat me unfair
And I didn't say all that I could have said
But I cried inside and I bit my tongue instead

Maybe it's you
Maybe it's you
You’re my best friend

And I know that I can't do this all alone
But sometimes I need to be alone

It's so hard to let you get to know me
Cuz sometimes I'm scared to now myself
And I hope that you can forgive me
For being as defective as yourself
Cuz maybe its you
Maybe its you