Song Name: Confederate Roses

Songwriter: Mac Leaphart

Copyright: 2008

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Confederate roses and thorns on the vine
That young man he took what once had been mine
When I found them together
They couldn't be saved
Now confederate roses grow wild
On an unmarked grave

When we stood at the altar
I'd lived half a life
She was too young to be any man's wife
She had a wildness
That I couldn't tame
And all I had on her was my family's name
I watched as she watched him
With her eyes burning wild
I knew I could never give her that smile
She was so restless
So I pretended not to know
But it just kept at me
I couldn't let it go


They found his young body
In a black river swamp
They never found her
They searched for so long
The sheriff asked some questions
But I never took the stand
My sentence is living
With this blood on my hands