Song Name: Dream About Vegas

Songwriter: Andy Jaske

Copyright: 2009

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Dream About Vegas
I got under 41 on the Monday night game 'cause I know the Broncos D comes to play
And I'm checking out halftime lines on games that I got hoping to find my hedge of the day
Sometimes I dream about Vegas
Cause in Vegas I'm free
And whether I win or lose baby, maybe, it's all left up to me

I've been drinking too much when I'm just sittin' alone - Guess I should get my mind thinkin' straight
But the wife and the kids and the boss and the dog - They're all expectin' me to be great

I've been playing 3rd base and the shoe's getting thin - My patience may yet give me some clout
The true count is at 8 and I tripled my bet - I wonder if they're checkin' me out

My boss is up in arms about some damn report and he's wonderin' why the numbers don't box
And he's askin' about prepay rates from 1995 - I think his head filled up with rocks

Copyright - Andrew Jaske - 2009 - All Rights Reserved