Song Name: Fed Up

Songwriter: Christer Nilsson

Copyright: 2009

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Woke up, told the world about it
Had breakfast in the public eye
Two eggs and a cup of coffee
Stepping out, so long good bye

So the kids, they know your name now
They want to be just like you
They think you’ve got it covered
O boy, have you got them fooled

Tell me, what do you want for nothing
When nothing comes for free
You’re free to sell out though, but don’t
expect me to take you seriously

I’m fed up, I’m full, I’ve had it
I can’t take no more of that shit
I’ve had enough of ego addicts
I wish they all would kick the habit

Lights out, the show is over
Time to rest your head a while
Mass communication supernova
Just make sure to burn out in style