Song Name: Why

Songwriter: King Washington

Copyright: 2009

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WHY by King Washington

Autumn's back and now the leaves are blowing
You're not showing any change inside your heart.
Temper turning red and now we're falling
Lost, forgotten in the breeze that passed her along.

Love and winter there is so much comfort.
But whether weather, carry on your way.
Your way, your way.

The ice gets thicker,

Perishing of thoughts are so much colder
Turn a shoulder, roll the dice and know the way.
Came the rains and soft the words were spoken.
Fix the broken eyes that fail to see the truth.
In you. In you.
Forget the answer,

Change is natures way
Feel the love w out a name
Aint it nice and clear the way its bright
And you can't deny that its warm in the sun
And you can't deny that its warm in the sun.

Autumns back and now the leaves are blowing.
Here I'm showing all the love I have for you.

-"Why" by King Washington