Song Name: Free So Free

Songwriter: Jason Nembhard/Alan Glass/Michael Scherchin

Copyright: 2008

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Free so Free

Ha har
Here we go again
Early morning blues
Ha ha ha ha
1st Verse
Wake up early this morning (hi eye)
To work I am rushin (rush rush rush)
Gotta get there on time
Get to the station (shhhh chac a chac a chac)
My train is late
My boss will kill me if I don't get there on time (dont get there on time)
He knows that Ive got many bills to pay
He knows I can't afford to miss another day (to miss another day)
Im dreaming of that day to come
The day when I can up an run
And I can finally say im free so free (free so free)
Ive paid my dues
Ive worked so hard
Now everyday I pray oh God
Set me free oh please just set me free
2nd Verse
Get into work im sneakin (Shhhh shh)
Pass the boss who's lookin
Cos he knows that I am late (cannot be late)
The work now churnin
I think he's commin
I get a warnin but its not my fault im late (not my fault im late)
He knows that i got many bills to pay
He knows I cant afford to miss another day (afford to miss another day)
Sun shines most everyday
But I cant afford to get away
Chorus out repeated to fade
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