Song Name: Complete

Songwriter: Marshall Hong

Copyright: 2010

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You were there in my life when I needed you. You were there when I believed I didn't. You came into my world when I searched for the truth. You were there even before I had started. You've revealed yourself in the world all around. In everything in the sky, in the sea, on the ground.
Take me, make me who you want me to be. Enlighten me and help me to follow you. Inspire me and make me complete - complete in you.
I was living in darkness, you showed me the light. Led me to the narrow path that was hidden. When you taught me the truth, you revealed all the lies. Guided me across the sea you had parted. And though I could not have earned or deserved to be saved. You redeemed my soul when you died and you rose from the grave.
I just can't believe the price you paid. You loved me before the world was made. You gave me the gift of life. All I had to do was believe in you to be free.