Song Name: Livin' Down the Memory of You

Songwriter: Hilary Marckx

Copyright: 2009

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Well, You See Me Walkin’ down the Street,
And You Wait for Me to Catch
Up with You like You Would for an Old Friend;
And You Ask Me How I’m Doin’,
And I Say That I’m Just Fine,
And You’ve Caught Me in Another Lie Again.

‘Cause It’s Only a Word like “Lonely”
That Can Say Just How I Feel,
Livin’ down the Memory of You.
Lonely Is the Only Word
That Tells it like it Is
Livin’ down the Memory of You.

With a Smile as Big as Texas,
I Put on Another Show;
Tryin’ to Keep What Little Pride I’ve Found;
And Then, What Does it Matter?
For You Touch My Hand and Go,
And I Wonder How I’ll Ever Get Along.