Song Name: Anonymity

Songwriter: uzzardi guillaume

Copyright: 2009

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Wake up my boy
Wake up my son, you're not be a rock star
everything you do
everything you can dream it just cleaned all days
You smell the grime
You smell the bleach
and artificial lemon perfum
But you're so glad
You're on the way, tha way to anonymity

Dust catcher, bathroom cleaner
You picked up all the people dirt
With your mop
Nobody pays attention to you
Yet you wiping out human mistakes

Mother don't wake me up
I dream that I dreamed of a better life
Just want to be in my world
And never know that I'm an ordinary


Your lungs and your skin burns
You breath toxic products
And drink 90% alcohol
Your hands was gnawed by hydrochloric acid
But you're happy, You'll die in the anonymity