Song Name: Charlemagne

Songwriter: Joseph Kimbrell

Copyright: 2009

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Im the most feared tyrant of the east
I rule all of the lands
From Lisbon to far past Greece
Even the Russians, man
If you think its bad, you got it coming
And if you fight back, well IŽll tell you something
You dont understand
Cause weŽll invade your land

Guns, fire, Charlemagne!
Take the money, Charlemagne!
Take whatever you desire,
My name is Charlemagne!

Im coming for your city
Yeah baby weŽre gonna make you bleed
Because if you have tried to deceive me
Im gonna make you pray or youŽll pay
Give me all your gold I tell my peons
IŽve been doing this shit for eons,
Dont even try to be brave, IŽd see
Unless you wanna die

Come on, I see you running
Dont try, you know Im coming
Drink their wine, eat their game
Cause my name is Charlemagne

Sometimes youŽve gotta take a break
Its hard to get by working so hard these days
Give your men some time so they can clear their minds