Song Name: Our Dreams Back Then

Songwriter: Kris Kehr

Copyright: 2007

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Riding through the night, driving through the towns where we were born
Kingdom and country, following that wild golden shore
Proud and tall, walking with our backs against the wind
I got lost my friend, I was thinking 'bout our dreams back then

Out there on the range our hearts played against all the strings
We might have gone too far but that really shouldn't hurt us in the end
Summer of summers and love of loves again
Don’t mind me, I’m just talking 'bout our dreams back then

No more losing, no more looking back again
No more need for control, boys
It all will work out in the end
I will follow through the valley for I am following the wind
Those were the days, boys
I'm just talking 'bout our dreams back then

I'll give you my promise, I'll give you my word
A badge of honor and a friendship earned
Understanding, a family where dreams are learned
I got lost again, I was thinking 'bout our dreams back then


Down every broken highway, following every broken dream
Where every broken promise is lying on a pile for you to see
I will always love you, make no mistake about that, my friend
I just get a little woozy remembering our dreams back then