Song Name: Living On Borrowed Time

Songwriter: David Pellegrene, Kim Lehman Additional music and lyrics by Tina Wilcox

Copyright: 2007

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Once I felt like New York City, big and strong and full of heart
I woke today down and desperate, hopelessly i'm falling apart
Yesterday I followed my dreams and the world was mine
Now I need you to help me borrow time


I'm living on borrowed time, living on borrowed time
Tomorrow may not be mine, living on borrowed time

Nothing ever lasts forever, leaves fall gently from their vines
As I watched the sand slipping through the hour glass of time
So I reach out to you my brother, please become my lifeline
I know together we can find more time

Repeat Chorus


I believe that in the absence of angels hope is still alive
Every night I see thousands of stars light the sky
Out there somewhere thousands of people have so much to give
I wanna hold on to their hearts and their hands and just live

We're living on borrowed time, Living on borrowed time
Tomorrow is yours and mine, Living on borrowed time

Repeat Chorus