Song Name: SugarBee

Songwriter: Ala Ghawas

Copyright: 2007

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words & music by ala ghawas

Well, it's been 4 years and a half
Since you captured my heart
I should've told you from the start
But I didn't have the guts
And I spent all this time swinging those strings
And learning those things
I thought it would make me a king

Now, my heart skips 7 beats and a half
When you said you're leaving
How I hoped you've been deceiving me,
Ohh SugarBee
My world is going astray
I'm crawling right behind you, wondering what to say
But you're already miles away

But I made you sing
I made you fly without wings
This can't be the end
I'm getting over you
Though I know it's true
There'll never be another you

Ohh SugarBee
My tiny dancer, SugarBee
You nearly killed me, SugarBee

ala ghawas - guitars, keyboards, vocals
caity cook - backing vocals
lily henley - violin

ala ghawas records 2007 all rights reserved