Song Name: Alive

Songwriter: Gianna J. Izzo

Copyright: 2010

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Verse 1:
You have a way of getting to me
Like no one ever has
And there's so much I wanna say to you
But I don't know how
So I think that I'll stay silent
For a little while
Cause I don't wanna ruin this
With my words

My heart is yours to keep
To hold in your hands
You have done more for it
Then anyone
Ever Could have
You took what was
Broken and Barely Beating
And made it come alive again
Oh, I'm alive again
I'm alive again

Verse 2:
You came like the morning sun
and exposed my soul
and brought out the things that
had been hidden for so long
I had been so scared of this
Being known for who
I really am

So take, take, take, take, take all of me