Song Name: Lone Eagle

Songwriter: Paolo L. Gatti

Copyright: 2004

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I'm a lone eagle flying high
Don't take to me if you're scared of heights
I'm a freight train running in the darkest night
I'm a one-way ticket to your desires

I was born to lie in the tropical sun
Reading by the pool, just sipping my rhum,
I'm the evening breeze you can't do without
I'm a slow-burning candle when the light goes out

And ever since she's gone, you see,
mostly I've been feeling free
Every single day shines bright
And you don't wanna know about the nights
I'm a wild beast out of the cage
Sniffing the wind, smelling and chasing the prey

It's a habit I have to often hide my stuff,
Well, it's hard stuff, sweetheart, hard and tough
But I can be gentle as an April night
I'm an Islay whisky, smooth with a bite

The Poet says it's "easy for the proper false
In women's waxen hearts to set their form" (*)
This is just what I do, but I do it with class
I walk on burning ashes and broken glass

But ever since she's gone, I found
that maybe I'm not so strong,
Freedom feels just fine, it's allright
but it doesn't help through lonely nights
I still hear her say 'Honey, I'm back to stay'
every day, every every day

But ever since she's gone…

(*) W. Shakespeare, 12th night