Song Name: Coal Creek Canyon

Songwriter: Michael Sudak

Copyright: 2001

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It's more than just a feeling that comes over me
Each time I turn West off State Route 93
The land swells to embrace me
It's more than rock and pine, somehow I've crossed a line
To Coal Creek Canyon, a place where you and I
Coal Creek Canyon, Have our Rocky Mountain High
I used to think my destiny was like a rolling stone
Now I just call Coal Creek Canyon Home

Forever love the evergreens and views of the divide
I'm still excited by the wildlife outside
And nowhere is there a sky more full of stars
I just watch them and I'm thankful that they're ours


Comfort late at night in the train whistle blow
Bouncing off the canyon walls laden deep with snow
You can see clear west of here and North to Nederland
The air is great and life is too where we stand