Song Name: Summertime Delight

Songwriter: Dan Charness

Copyright: 2008

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Like a bird in a winter storm you landed at my door
I took you in from the howling wind that led you to my shore
And around the heat of an open fire falling prey to our own desire
We'll pass the hours of the night away and I'll celebrate the life of a summertime delight

I turned around a darker dream with a sunny smile today
When you woke from the horror night I brought you far away
To the hills of peace and the warmer skues the quet sound of a child's cry
I held you close as the sun went down and we settled for the night with a summertime delight

We would dine by the candlelight and tell of stories past
Getting drunk on a foreign wine we'd lay out on the grass
And spill our thoughts and our ancient dreams to cross the world and the roads between
I never dreamed I could find the time to celebrate the life of a summer time delight

Living a life on a cupcake lie, telling the world that our love could fly to heaven
Trying to keep all our hopes in line, finding a way to pass the time forgetting

We would walk on a starry night I'd make a joke or two
Making love in the morning light you asked me what we'd do
When the summer's end would seal our fate the cooler winds of the fall await
I understood that the end was near so I cherished all the time with a summertime delight