Song Name: Life These Days

Songwriter: Pamela Tessmann

Copyright: 2009

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Empty Eyes and Sad, Cold Faces
You walk on by and don't even say it
I care 'bout you
Care 'bout you.

It's on the news, it's all over TV
They tell you the truth, they have nowhere to sleep
It's true
It's true

And you say
That's life these days
Can't spare no change
get outta my way
and you say close the door
close the door honey, it's cold
It's cold

A baby sleeps in a parked care down the street
Her momma cries, she aint got nothin' for to eat
No food
No food

And a man stands strong at his job he tells them lies
Says he's got a house in the city on the west side
No roof
No roof


But one nickel will do
It'll help buy me a cup of coffee
and I know you hate the truth
but I can't lie to you