Song Name: my blues

Songwriter: fivepeace

Copyright: 2010

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my blues

politician, demolitian
heart attacs and competion
everybody is devil kissing
and can´t love the one he´s wishing
going down the drain

all men on a money mission
they have all a greater vision
giving me a body cover
will bring me another lover
it´s all about corruption

but when you see a human being
looking for a wise man
it is hard to disguise then
nothimg was left to loose
but the blues

I wanna live my blues

now your voice stop breathing
and there ain´t no more no teasing
ouw, what a word hurt
what a silence to get high
when your talking has gone by
you special kind of
living let die

you have been a step before
suddenly you ask for more
to much to confess
I guess
a storm in waterglass

I wanna live my blues

if you see a human being
looking for a wise man
life ain´t gonna be bad then
and you´re not batman
but in your bed, man
is a bad man watching tv

is it cruel to play so rude
while the dude is coming nude
next time may a better place
where you fill your face with grace
any other place

I wanna live my blues