Song Name: Spirit Speak To Me

Songwriter: Daniel David Johnson, Erin Johnson and Susan Stentz

Copyright: 2007

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Spirit, speak to me, I'm quiet.
All of me hears all of you.
Thank you for my inner calling.
I am listening.

Spirit, come to me, I'm open.
All of me feels all of you.
Thank you for my change of heart.
I am grateful.

All of my days I've been hungry for guidance,
Asking "what is mine to do?"
If only I'd known to sit in the silence
And open my heart to you.
Spirit, speak to me.

Spirit, breathe into my heart.
I'm connected to your love.
Thank you for my inspiration.
I am breathing.
Thank you for my understanding.
I am knowing.
And thank you for my bounty.
I am timeless, I am whole.