Song Name: Snow on the Roof

Songwriter: Larry Vilchek

Copyright: 2010

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It's not the way you walk puts you in your place
Not the careful way you talk
Not the lines on your face
Not the fire in your eyes
Not the fire in your heart
Just a little thing sets you apart

Body gets to be a load; don't throw it out the window
Run along the nearest road 'gets thee to a gym. Though
You envy the younger set
It should be understood
Time spent looking young
Better spent looking good

Snow on the roof
It's your crown of thorns. It's your silver lining

You're only old as you let others make you feel
Fix what you can and ignore what you can't conceal

Living can be such a war; a struggle no one survives
You're old enough to know the score, grateful just to be alive
That's about enough said
Now you decide it:
Worry 'bout what's on your head
Or worry 'bout what's inside it

Snow on the roof