Song Name: Beautiful Interruption

Songwriter: Lisa Molina

Copyright: 2010

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I'm on that platform at 4:55
and when I see you I come alive
You've been my stranger on a crowded train
I still don't even know your name
cuz you're eye candy for the soul
An escape where I can go
A glance is how it starts
and your smile is a work of art

It's not complicated
It's just what my broken heart needs
No one to go home to anymore
This attraction keeps me company

You're my beautiful interruption
You're my beautiful interruption
I want your beautiful interruption

Get separated once we board the train
Across the car flirting keeps me entertained
Don't get a seat but you made my day
Next stop is mine but I want to stay

I don't care about conversation
This keeps an air of mystery
I'm not hurting anyone
By wishing you were coming home with me


I'm not looking to settle down
I like it when you're looking through the crowd for me
As we make our way uptown


I want your beautiful interruption
I want your beautiful interruption